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Morning After Coffee is a healthy alternative to your typical cup of Joe by infusing our ultra-premium coffee with CBD.

Health Benefits of CBD:
*Feel Less Anxious   *Relieves Stress
*Feel Alert, Calm & Focused   *Aleviates Aches & Pains
*Enjoy a More Restful Sleep

Our Varieties:
Hades: Our most powerful blend will bring you back to yourself when you're recovering from a night out. It's a Columbian Medium Roast and Italian Espresso blend along with a strong infusion of CBD to relieve the aches and shorten your recovery time dramatically!

Medusa: Need help sleeping? This blend will help you get a good night sleep by using a decaf coffee with a powerful dose of CBD. You will sleep as if turned to stone.

Hercules: Have a day of labors ahead of you? This blend will perk you up and get your engine going. It incudes a Columbian Medium Roast  and a good dose of CBD to help you maximize your energy for the day.

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